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Parcel Collect Service

Parcel Collect is Royal Mail’s free and convenient collection service, which you can easily arrange online. It's a time- and effort-saving solution for sending your device to us, eliminating the need to visit your local post office.

Initiate Your Trade-In

Start by creating a trade-in on our website. As soon as you complete the process, your consignment number will be sent to your email immediately. This number is crucial for arranging the collection.

Package Your Device

Ensure your device is safely packaged. You can use your own materials for packaging if you're ready to send it immediately. Make sure the device is secure to prevent any damage during transit.
If you prefer to use our packaging, you can wait for our Trade-In Pack to arrive. This pack includes all the necessary materials to package your device securely.

Booking Your Collection

Once your device is packaged, you can proceed to arrange a collection with Royal Mail. Visit the Royal Mail Collection Website and follow these instructions:
Choose the “purchased previously” option
Confirm by selecting “Yes, there is a tracking number.”
Enter the tracking number provided in your email (the number below the barcode, excluding the hashes)
Select “small parcel” and set the item weight to 200g

This process ensures that your device is handled safely and efficiently, contributing to a hassle-free recycling experience. Remember, arranging a collection is free, and we have already covered the postage fees to make this as convenient for you as possible.