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What do / don't you accept?

We accept a large range of mobile devices and tablets. We buy both working and damaged and will also recycle devices on your behalf even if they have no value. If you cannot find a device on our platform email us at and we may still make you an offer.

Is the price quoted the value I will get?

To ensure a seamless experience, please send us your device within 14 days of receiving your quoted price, based on the grade you've provided. By doing this, we can guarantee the price we've quoted and process your payment on the same day we receive your device, as long as it matches the grade and condition you described. If your device arrives after the 14-day window, there's no need to worry. We'll still be keen to purchase it, but we'll need to offer you the current market price, which might vary. Upon receiving your device, we'll conduct a thorough inspection to confirm that the grade and condition align with your description. If we notice discrepancies and need to adjust the price, we'll get in touch with you right away via email with an updated quote. Should this new offer not meet your expectations, please inform us, and we'll return your device promptly. A quick note on our inspection process: we assess your device with its screen both on and off. Observing the device in these two states allows us to identify any surface scratches more effectively, particularly when the screen is off. This meticulous approach ensures we grade your device accurately for the guaranteed same-day payment. We truly value your cooperation and strive to make this process straightforward and transparent. Thank you for choosing to work with us!

Do you pay more for items that have never been opened or used?

Yes, as that will come under our highest grade of quality. This value is based on Brand New in a sealed original box with supplied accessories. If the box has been opened the price will be requoted to the difference between new grade and good grade If the box / accessories are not included the price will be based on the grade and condition received

What is the minimum / maximum number of items I can send to you?

There is no minumum or maximum number of items- send as much as you want! If you are a trade seller we can arrange collection by a courier. Please send an email to arrange or discuss bulk sales at

I sent in additional items with my order. Will I receive any money for them?

If we receive additional items, we will pay for these and advise you by email. If the additional item is not currently listed on our website we would then recycle this for you for free.

How do I know if my items have passed their quality assessment? What happens to those that don't?

All devices are electronically tested using MobiONE, a best of class device testing solution. In the event of a device having faults or is not the condition that it was sold as, we will requote you a new offer by email and you can accept or have your device returned.

How long will it take to get my money?

Money will be transferred once your device has been recieved by us and confirmed to be as described. We aim to make payment on a same day basis for items that have been processed by 3pm. Please note payment are only made on week days not including bank holidays

How old do I have to be to sell goods to SellMyiPhone online?

You have to be 16 or older to recieve money from us. Please arrange for a guardian or parent who is over 18 to process a sale.

How does SellMyiPhone grade items?

Phones are graded as "New", "Excellent", "Good", "Fair" or "Faulty". Further details are shown when you select a phone. If you grade correctly we will not have to delay your payment while we arrange a new offer

How do you determine how much you pay for my goods?

You will get a certain amount based on the quality of phone and the battery performance. Please note that batteries below 85% will require replacing and result in a requote. The better quality phone, the more money you recieve.

Do you accept fake/counterfeit phones?

No, we only accept legitimate and legally-acquired phones. All devices are verified with the MobiONE systems.

What is an IMEI number?

The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is a 15 digit serial number unique to each and every phone. You'll usually find it printed on the back of the handset or on the SIM gate of most Apple iPhones. Alternatively you can ask your phone to tell you itself: it'll display its IMEI on the screen if you enter: *#06# into the dial pad .A 15 digit number will be displayed. Example: 359395000322140. If your handset displays more than 15 numbers or is separated by symbols, please enter first 15 numbers only. Example: 351965-00-145687-9-03 (Enter: 351965001456879 only)

How do I send my device to you?

Once you have completed a sell order on our website you will receive a label and instructions by email to post the device to us. If you request a Trade-In pack when you process your sell we will send this pack out on the same day by first class post if the order is received before 2pm

Can I put my device in the post box?

You must take your device to the postoffice . We recommend that you insure your postage to cover the value of your device and ensure you have packaged securely. Also do not forget to remove any accounts before you post or this will delay your payment

Have you received my device yet?

Once we receive your device you will receive an email to confirm our receipt and payment

How do I send a large number of devices to you?

If you have a volume of devices we can arrange a courier collection. Please email to arrange this

Do you want the accessories and box?

You can send the accessories and box with your device. Any items not usable will be recycled following WEEE processes

Do I leave my SIM card in the device?

Please remove your SIM and memory card from your device. This is important as it provides access to your mobile number and account

Do I leave the memory card in the device?

Please remove and keep your memory card in a safe place so you can recover your stored content on a different device. Memory cards that we receive will be destroyed

How do I view my order(s)?

You can view the status of your sell ordwers in your account by logging in at

How long is my price guaranteed for?

We guarantee prices quoted by email for 14 days. Devices received after this time will be paid at the current offer on our website.

What happens if I send you my device after 14 days?

We will pay you the current price offered on our website. Prices do trend downwards overtime so we recommend posting as soon as you can

What happens if I get the model, condition or network wrong?

We will send you an email offering you a new price to reflect what you have posted. You have the option to agree or refuse and have your device returned.

I left the SIM card in my device. Can I have it back?

We will endeavour to return any sim card accidently sent in with a device. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of this sim and any charges made that were unexpected.

What payment methods do you offer?

We will pay you for your device by either bank transfer or Paypal. You make this choice when you are arranging to sell your device on our website. Please note that Paypal may charge you up to 3.5% so please consider this in your choices.

When will I get paid?

We make payments every working day between 3pm and 5pm. Devices processed prior to 2pm will be paid in these batches. Payments are generally cleared into your account on the same day

When will payment reach my bank account?

We are targeted to pay you on the day we receive your device. Delays can occur if we have had to quarantine your device due to account locks ie icloud being active or where we have had to requote you and you have not replied to our email

I have made a mistake with my bank details ? How can I correct this?

Please advise any bank detail errors as soon as you realise. Please note that if we have already made a payment we will try to retrieve this and resend to your corrected details but this cannot be guaranteed.

Can you pay me by cheque?

No sorry this has been withdrawn as very few accounts requested this payment method. We recommend direct bank payment. We also offer Paypal but Paypal will charge you a fee to withdraw to a bank account.

How does it work?

Selling us your device you should find to be an easy process. Simply type your model name into the search box or select from an image tile select the lock stus and condition and click the recycle button. Then complete your details and we will send you postage labels by email or post and once we receive your device we will pay you same day if processed before 2pm

How much is my phone worth?

On our site you can pick your device and condition and the value will be presented immediately

How do I find out the storage (capacity) of my phone?

The internal storage can be found in the main settings of most devices - This is usually a cog. But do not worry if you not sure pick any size as we will check when we receive your device and update the quote if required.

My phone was worth more last month ? why?

Devices will generally go down in value the older they get so if you are ready to sell your device the sooner you send it to us will generally mean we will pay you more.

How does the 14-day price guarantee work?

As long as we receive your device before the date on your letter/email we guarantee to pay this amount as long as the device you send matches what we have quoted for. If we receive your device after this date we will pay you the value we currently buy this device for on our website

Will you reduce the price you have offered for my device?

If you have described your device correctly then the quoted price will be paid. If the battery reports less than 85% then the price will be reduced to cover the cost of this replacement which is subsidised but can be up to £30 for more recent models.

How long will it take to test my device?

As long you have charged the device and removed any handset passwords, or locks, before you ship to us we will process a device on the day we receive it and pay you the same day if processed by 2pm. We aim to pay on the day of receipt and hope you will be happy with our speed of response and recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

What can I sell to ?

Not just your iPhones we also will buy your Samsung and other android devices as well ipads and tablets

Why have you asked me for proof of purchase?

We will request proof of purchase for devices valued over £250 as part of our due-dilligence. We do this to protect you and the industry from fraud and crime

Will you buy my device if it?s damaged or faulty?

We have repaired over 200,000 devices at our repair centre in the UK. We believe that the best form of recycling is reuse and we are proud of the amount of electronices we have kept out of landfill and the great value our ciustomers get when they buy one of our refurbished devices from

My device is completely dead ? will you buy it?

We may - please email us first with details and we will make a decision. If we are able to repair and resell then the answer will be yes

Will you buy my device if it?s water-damaged?

We avoid water damaged devices as they cannot be repaired reliably. So sorry however we will recycle the device for you free

How do I confirm the model of my phone or tablet?

Your mobile model number is written on the back of your device and when entered into google / Microsoft edge etc will advise the model name. If your not sure do not worry as we will check when we receive your device and if the model / memory / lock status is different we will update by email our offer to reflect your actual device. You can directly from this email accept or refuse for a free return. We will pay you same day if processed by 2pm

Why is my device only worth £0.00?

Insome instances devices do not have a resale value. In these instances we will pay the cost of recycling your device as part of our green agenda.

Do you accept blocked/blacklisted phones?

No - Devices we receive that are blacklisted will not be returned or paid for until the blacklist is removed. Please see our terms and conditions for full information

Do you accept network locked phones?

Yes we will buy locked to network devices. Please note this is not the same a a device with a SIM PIN lock or an account which all must be removed before you send the device to us

Do you accept iCloud locked devices?

No - Please remove your account before shipping your device. See link below

Do you accept Android/Google/Samsung locked devices?

Please remove any lock services on your device. If a device has a lock on and we are able to remove it we will subject to you supplying a proof of purchase. Please note this may incur of up to £15.00 that will be deducted from our payment to you for your device.

How Do I know My Data Will Be Securely Deleted?

We use a best of breed erasure software from MobiCode. This is an ADISA approved certified removal of all data on your device. A copy of this certificate can be sent on request

How to erase all data from your iPhone or iPad

Factory-reset your iPhone To reset your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > General > Reset and then select Erase All Content and Settings. If you've got an iCloud backup set up, iOS will ask if you'd like to update it, so you don't lose unsaved data.

How to erase all data from your Android phone

Factory reset your Android phone On most phones, you can reset your phone through the settings app. If you can't open your phone's settings app, you can try factory resetting your phone using its power and volume buttons. We recommend checking your manufacturer's support site for device-specific instructions.

How to check battery health - iPhone

To inspect your iPhone's battery status Open the Settings app. Scroll down and select Battery. Tap Battery Health, where you'll find a report detailing your battery's health percentage, and any suggested steps you can take to improve performance.

I have a non UK device - will you still buy it from me?

In most instances we will - You can email us at to check with us first. Generally we will buy the device if it is unlocked i.e can take any UK SIM card. Please note devices without sim card access ie Esim only we do not currently accept.

Do You Sell Phones?

Yes check out our deals with 12 month warranties at (Refurbished Used Electronics Zone)

How Do I Remove An iCloud Account?

Go to and sign in to your iCloud account with your Apple ID and password. Select the Find my iPhone icon. Select All Devices then choose your iPhone from the drop-down list. Choose Erase iPhone. Choose Erase again and enter your Apple ID and password. Select Next then Done.

What happens if my device gets lost in the post

In the event of a parcel being lost or damaged in transit we will open a claim with the relevant courier once we are made aware of this issue. This only apples where the parcel has been posted using our prepaid supplied postage. We accept no liability for any claims which are refused by external parties. Please note if returning a device for refund / repair we recommend you add additional insurance for devices valued over £100.00

Brand new pricing

To qualify for the brand new in box price the box must remain sealed with all security tags intact. The price will be reduced in the event that the box has been opened.