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Six Steps To Prepare Your Device For Sale

Before packaging and sending us your device, please ensure that you take the following steps to allow for a seamless trade-in process with Sell My iPhone.

Step 1
Back-Up Your Data

You'll want to back up all of your important data, files, and pictures from your device before you factory reset. You will be able to directly transfer your current data to another device with the use of iOS Transfer or Android Smart Switch.
On Apple iPhones, navigate to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Back-up > Back Up Now. A complete guide can be found here for backing up other devices and on a computer.
On Android devices, navigate to Settings > Accounts & Back-Up > Back-Up Data. A complete guide can be found here.

Step 2
Remove Locks & Accessories

Remove any PIN and Screen Locks from the device. Also, remove any accessories and other items from the device, such as Screen Protectors, SIM Card, SD Cards, and Cases. If relevant, unpair devices such as Smartwatches and Earphones from the device beforehand. You are not required to send any chargers or the original packaging with your device (Except for Smartwatches, which should include the charger and strap).

Step 3
Remove Cloud Accounts

Ensure you have removed any cloud accounts from your device (e.g. iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Google One, etc.), as we will be unable to test and process your device with these accounts linked. If you need any help with removing your cloud accounts, we have separate guides below for each device type:

Step 4
Erase Your Device

We recommend performing a factory reset to remove all remaining data that may still be on your device before packaging and sending it to us.
On Apple iPhones, navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Erase All Content and Settings.
On Android, navigate to Settings > System > Reset Options > Erase All Data (Factory Reset)
We will erase all data using MobiCode services on receipt of your device.

Step 5
Pack Your Device

Securely package your device with the provided post-back pack (this includes a waterproof outer bag, a jiffy bag and your offer letter confirming our offer). Attach the provided return shipping label to the Grey Waterproof bag.
Use bubble wrap or other protective materials to protect your device from damage whilst in transit; make sure the device is properly protected and secure before posting. If your device does not fit the supplied packaging, we recommend using your own safe and protected packaging to ship your device.

Step 6
Send Your Device

Visit your local post office to ship your device. The postage label included with your trade-in pack allows you to send your device completely free, covering devices up to £100. However, we strongly recommend upgrading to the Royal Mail Special Delivery service for higher-value items. Make sure to keep any proof of postage, such as the receipt, to protect against any issues that may arise when the device is in transit.
If you are unable to drop off your device, you can also book a free collection through the Royal Mail Parcel Collect service. Arrange your collection on the Royal Mail website by entering the supplied tracking number on our postage label:

Recycling Tips

Your quoted price will be held for 14 days from your initial order date; after this time, we will need to re-quote the device to reflect its actual market value. As trade-in devices lose their value over time, make sure to send your device as soon as possible to get the highest value.
We advise you to clean your device before packaging it to ensure it is in the best possible cosmetic condition when it arrives with us. To clean your device, it is recommended to use 70% Alcohol Wipes, which can be used all over to remove dirt and leave your device germ-free. However, a microfibre cloth dipped in warm, soapy water and lightly rubbed on the device will also work if you do not have Alcohol Wipes. Do not use household cleaning products such as Bleach to clean your device, as this can damage the protective layer of the display.
We strongly recommend photographing your device before sending us your pack as proof of its condition. Doing so will help with any claims due to damage in transit and any misunderstandings if we need to re-quote the device to reflect its actual grade.
An IMEI is your device's unique 15-digit serial number; we suggest you keep note of this number before sending your package. To find your IMEI, dial *#06# on your phone to display your device identification information (This will work on all devices).
To ensure you receive updates on your trade-in and prevent your payment from being delayed, we suggest adding our email,, to your contact list. This will reduce the likelihood your email provider filters out our emails and causes you to miss information and updates relating to your trade-in.