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Apple iPhone SE 16GB

What network is your phone?

What condition is your phone?

To be Valued as Good the device should only show very lite wear and tear

• Turn on / off (with all buttons working)
• Have a working touch screen (without cracks or damage)
• Be fully functional* (light wear and tear only is acceptable or select
poor )
• Working screen (no cracks or pixel damage)
• Have no damage to case (no cracks or chips)
• Have a fully working operating system (software)
• Battery health percentage must be above 80% - if not the handset will
be classified as Poor (iPhone only)
• Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)
• Make / receive calls
• WiFi / Camera / Video must work
• Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google Accounts
• Display cannot show signs of: cracks, white spots, screen burn and

Offer Price: £20.00